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February 24 & 25, 2025.
An Immersive Leadership Experience
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February 24 & 25, 2025 An Immersive Leadership Experience


2024 Speakers

The second forum is taking place on February 26 – 27, 2024 at Kehoe Ironworks Building at Trustees’ Garden in Savannah, Georgia.

The Southeast Georgia Leadership Forum is a two-day event that brings together more than 400 leaders representing neighborhoods, non-profits, civic groups, government, businesses and the up and comers.

Organized by Morris Multimedia, with the generous support of Georgia Southern University, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and Georgia Power, the second forum is taking place on February 26 – 27, 2024 at Trustees’ Garden in Savannah, Georgia. To help our community succeed in an ever changing and fast paced society, the forum is focused on discovering our collective potential to be greater by committing to new ideas, supporting the growth of our emerging and established leaders, and by being purposeful in building collaboration from all segments of our diverse community.

Working together we can make our communities stronger and better.

Morris Multimedia

Georgia Southern University


Georgia Power

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The Forum

The Southeast Georgia Leadership Forum will provide attendees with compelling and thought-provoking content focused on building stronger leaders and greater collaboration in our local communities while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Leader

Leadership is a skill that needs nurturing and knowledge is power. The Southeast Georgia Leadership Forum will feed your mind with thought-provoking content, leadership skills, collaborative connections, and the professional and professional growth intelligence you need to be a successful leader.

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The Tour

Learning about our region is an important part of your leadership development.  With a menu of tours available for our attendees, the Southeast Georgia Leadership Forum will provide an engaging and informative opportunity for leaders to choose an area of interest and dig deeper – all while networking with your fellow attendees.

Economic Development and the I-16 Corridor 

The coastal region of Georgia is the home to the largest economic project in the state’s history. The new Hyundai Metaplant, Savannah Manufacturing Center and associated businesses will transform southeast Georgia and the Savannah area. This multi-stop tour will highlight the benefits and opportunities our area can expect from the anticipated growth while showcasing the enormous impact of new and existing industries.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Housing is a crisis across the country.  So, what are we doing to help our neighbors to meet their housing needs? This multi-stop tour will look at our local housing challenges and will highlight services working with individuals and families to overcome homelessness and to establish safe, stable housing.

Ports and Logistics

The Port of Savannah is home to the second busiest container port on the US East Coast. With its rapid growth, the Georgia Ports is a vital economic engine to our state and nation, with an ecosystem of logistics companies and suppliers calling our area home. This multi-stop tour will take you to the port and highlight how the supply chain operates in our local economy.

ID's are required for this tour.

Higher Education

The growth of opportunities in manufacturing, the ports, tourism, and healthcare require a strong, educated, and prepared workforce to meet our area’s current and future needs.  Our local public institutions of higher learning are collaborating to help our community rise to the challenge.  This multi-stop tour will highlight the ways these institutions are providing opportunities for our developing economy and our area’s residents.

Education K-12

The Savannah-Chatham Public School System (SCPSS) provides students a diverse portfolio of education options. With a wide array of schools, including 26 Choice Programs and five charter schools, SCPSS offers solutions to help our area’s children get the most out of their educational experience. This multi-stop tour will highlight two Choice Programs and include a visit to one of the top performing Title 1 schools in the district, allowing you to see how our public school system is working tirelessly to provide opportunities for students.

Arts and Culture

Having strong, diverse, and vibrant local art museums are critical to understanding our history and culture. Our community is the home to the oldest museum in the south and to the best art and design university in the United States. On this tour you will enhance youe knowledge and depth of our area's arts offerings and our shared history.

Start becoming the leader you've dreamed of — a leader worth following.

Learn everything you need to navigate your professional journey to success while collaborating and networking with leaders from across the community.

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Fueling the Leader

We intend to inform and delight leaders from the private and public sectors, challenge leaders to think differently and boldly, with a bias towards action while building a bench of leaders for generations to come. Discover strategic solutions from a diverse group of world-class presenters who are all innovative experts in their respective fields.

The Company We Keep

The 2023 Southeast Leadership Forum idea grew from a diverse group of volunteers whose desire it is to cultivate a new approach to leadership training so we can make our communities stronger and better. It is about taking our communities to the next level.

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