Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer

Professional Athlete / Charity Co-founder / Fundraiser / Film Maker / / Designer/Artist // Speaker

Lynsey Dyer is a professional athlete, artist, self healing and wildlife advocate committed to our highest potential through flow states.

As an athlete, Dyer won the FREESKI overall extreme skiing tour(7 straight wins), was the first female on the cover of FREESKIER Magazine (mid air off a record sized 70ft cliff), and named Skier of the Year multiple times by Powder Magazine.

She co-founded, (to increase participation of women in the outdoors) and designed the iconic Girafficorn (the charity’s main fundraising and branding icon, to welcome more playfulness in the outdoors. Next she produced and directed the first all female action sports film for women and girls.  “Pretty Faces”  which shifted the industry to be more inclusive.

As an artist, Lynsey’s photography has been published in National Geographic Magazine. Her artwork can be seen on everything from ski graphics to NFT’s to large scale murals.

You can find her artwork, gear and trip offerings  at and

Recognizing approximately half of all skiers are women yet only 13% of ski films included women, Dyer fundraised $115k on Kickstarter to create the first all female action sports film; Pretty Faces. The film won many awards and sold out 100 grass roots shows. Since the release, ski films are much closer to equal representation.

Lynsey hosts the popular outdoor podcast ShowingUP with Lynsey Dyer. She is a trained Breathwork and flow-state facilitator offering movement workshops for breathwork, ski fitness and pregnancy to bring people to their highest potential.

You can find her artwork, gear and trip offerings  at

Inspired by her first experices of flowstate, One of Dyers greatest tools for accessing higher states of being is breathwork. Lynsey is a trained facilitator of Transformational Breathing. This powerful technique Increases oxygenation throughout the body allowing freedom from lower states of consciousness and a powerful healing tool.

Transformational Breathing

  • Improves energy levels
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Resolves addictions
  • Improves well-being for many conditions and ailments such as Stress Reduction, Respiratory ailments, Headaches, Low energy, Psychosomatic illnesses, Anaerobic diseases, and many others.

Dyer has used her art to help more women and girls feel belonging in the outdoors.  Having first created the iconic Girafficorn, -Originally her stamp of existence- then a symbol to represent and empower girls everywhere.

In 2015  to which she released Pretty Faces the ski film after first fundraising 115k on Kickstarter. It became The largest ever woman’s film for an action sports film and remains timeless.

She designs her own line of function focused wellness and outdoor gear to help women and men perform best.  She tells her unlikely story of success to groups to help them find the unicorn within.

Dyer has been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times and was the first female to grace the cover of Freeskier Magazine launching a 75 ft cliff. Her photography, an iconic shot of four base jumpers including the late Deane Potter has also been published in Nation Geographic and around the world.

Dyer speaks at events, offers an annual ski camp including the breathwork technique that has aided her in healing.

She continues to produce films a little closer to home with the help of the biggest most majestic mountains in the US.

Lynsey has been included in campaigns and commercials from GoPro, Chevy Trucks, MaryKay, Nissan, Jeep, National Geographic, Bravo, Rossignol, Fischer Skis. Dyer has hosted television shows for ESPN, Outside.

Dyer currently resides in Jackson Wy and uses her platform to advocate for women, wildlife and conservation.

Wildlife resume

Lynsey is a professional multisport athlete and artist widely recognized as one of the best big mountain skiers in the world. She uses her social media presence to motivate people to care about wildlife in the Jackson area. Dyer has skied on 6 continents, won every big mountain competition she’s entered, and been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times. A Jackson local, Lynsey has become a powerful advocate in campaigns to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions as well as bring attention to other environmental issues such as carbon emissions and public lands preservation. From holding up signs on busy roads to pass the SPET to using her platform to educate locals and visitors on stewardship, Dyer’s wide reach has been instrumental in generating publicity for wildlife campaigns on behalf of a diverse collection of stakeholders and partners in the Teton area.


Professional Athlete/Wildlife Advocate

Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer